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Website Launch

The Waste-Free Ventura County Coalition was started in 2018.  Initially funded by a CalRecycle grant, the Coalition aimed to fill the gaps in the food recovery system, prepare for SB 1383 organics regulations and support food recovery organizations to feed the hungry in Ventura County.

A lot has been accomplished.  The Coalition partnership includes over 200 members.  Working with the two food rescue organizations participating in the grant, Spirit of Santa Paula and Community Action, the Coalition has recovered and redistributed over 200,000 pounds of edible food that otherwise would have gone to the landfill, which has an indirect impact on greenhouse gas emissions reductions.  Additionally, WFVC has established educational and outreach materials that can be used to encouraged more food service facilities to consider food waste reduction activities.

In Ventura County, the Waste-Free Program seeks to build the capacity of food recovery organizations, invest in donor capacity, provide multilingual liability and loss prevention education and work with local governmental agencies and their waste haulers to identify the best practices for overall organic waste reduction, focusing on loss prevention and edible food recovery.

Many food rescue organizations are often staffed by part-time staff and volunteers.  They have older equipment or insufficient capacity to collect, transport, store and distribute the amount of food donated from time to time.  Potential food donors are sometimes limited by their capacity to store and transport food for donation in a safe and timely manner.  Collectively, the WFVC Coalition of diverse partners thrives and strives in different ways, but it will require commitment, education, and scalable solutions to reduce food waste in Ventura County.  Coalition stakeholders include:

Food Rescue Organizations

Nonprofits that serve food to our communities’ low income or food insecure populations are eligible to be recipients of food donations.

Food Donors

All permitted food service facilities in Ventura County can participate including wholesale, farmers, restaurants, schools and even food trucks.  If you are a food service provider and want to learn more about how to donate surplus food, contact us.

Municipal Solid Waste Stakeholders

Cities and local government agencies are very interested in finding solutions to food waste in their communities.  Really, it is a win-win-win when we can come together to solve these issues.  We reduce GHG emissions, meet state regulations, save money, and feed hungry families.


We are always looking for partners. Do you have a skill that could contribute to our coalition’s goals? If you are passionate about reducing food waste and hunger in Ventura County, we’d love to hear from you.

Spread the word

You can help us reduce food waste in Ventura County!
  • Encourage your favorite restaurant to donate through Waste-Free VC
  • Advocate for the Coalition among city and county government
  • Inform your church or civic group about Waste-Free VC
  • Join us at the Waste-Free VC meetings
  • Invite Waste-Free VC to speak at your next civic meeting
  • Like us on social media

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