Other food waste reduction resources in Ventura County

Other food waste reduction resources in Ventura County


Food Forward a volunteer-powered non-profit that rescues produce that would otherwise go to waste from backyards, farms, farmers markets, and the wholesale markets and donates 100% to local hunger relief agencies.
Contact: Ally Gialketsis Ventura County Branch Manager (805) 630-2728 volunteervc@foodforward.org
FOOD Share accepts donations from agricultural growers and fruit from your backyard trees for distribution through a network of partner agencies. Volunteers can help to glean this food. Visit www.foodshare.com/volunteer to learn more about how to get involved.
(805) 983-7100

Grocery Rescue

FOOD Share also rescues food from retail donors including grocery stores and wholesale distributors.

Tessa Sazman
Food Sourcing Director
(805) 983-7100 x 135

Some food waste is inevitable, when you’ve done all you can to reduce your food waste, find out what you can do rather than send it to the landfill.

For more information about local resources, see below:

County of Ventura

The County has a model compost site at the Ventura County Government Center, including a large worm box, where food discards from the lower Public Works lunchroom are turned into soil amendment. Self guided tours are always available, with signs explaining compost and vermicompost options, and County staff provide instruction at special events.

Ventura County Recycling Market Development Zone (RMDZ) – The RMDZ helps businesses make products from discards, providing direct financing as well as assistance with permits, site selection, obtaining materials, forming partnerships, and business planning. The RMDZ seeks opportunities for diversion of food scraps, including development of on-site composting options at farms, institutions, and businesses.

City of Ventura

Residential The City sponsors a compost and vermicompost bin discount program in partnership with Green Thumb Nursery where you can purchase either a worm bin or a compost bin at 50% the retail price. Just show proof of City residence. Free mulch is also available on a first come basis at Cornucopia Gardens, located just off Telephone Road, across from Kimball Community Park. Using mulch and organic compost are great ways to reduce waste, conserve water, reduce need for application of pesticides or fertilizers and help with pest management.

City of Thousand Oaks

The City of Thousand Oaks currently offers the “Earth Machine” compost bin to residents of the incorporated City of Thousand Oaks. These bins are high quality, cost effective and practical with an 80 gallon capacity, measuring 33″ in diameter and 33″ tall and weighing 20 lbs. As of July 1, 2015, the cost to City residents is $30.00 (tax included). Limit one compost bin per household.