How you can get involved

Food System overview

The global food system has become increasingly complex since the development of industrialized agriculture in the mid 1900’s.  Consisting of an intricate web of producers, distributors, consumers and other stakeholders, this system is no longer sustainable, profitable for small to mid-sized farmers or equitable.  Ventura County’s food system relies on an intricate web of stakeholders. 

In Ventura County, the Waste-Free Coalition works to build the capacity of food rescue organizations, invest in donor capacity, liability awareness and loss prevention and work with local cities and their waste haulers to identify the best practices for overall organic waste reduction, focusing on loss prevention and edible food recovery.

Many food rescue organizations are often staffed mostly by volunteers, they have older equipment or insufficient capacity to collect, transport, store and distribute the amount of food donated from time to time.  Potential food donors often are limited by their capacity to store and transport food for donation in a safe and timely manner.  Collectively, the Coalition thrive in different ways, but it will require commitment, communication and consistent messaging and metrics to reduce food waste in Ventura County.

The Food System

Food Rescue Organizations

Nonprofits that serve food to our communities’ low income or food insecure populations are eligible to be recipients of food donations.

Donor Capacity

Often times storage and transportation are the only barriers to getting donated food to nonprofits that can distribute it.  If you are a food service provider and want to learn more about how to donate surplus food, contact us. 


We are always looking for partners. Do you have a skill that could contribute to our coalition’s goals? If you are passionate about reducing food waste and hunger in Ventura County, we’d love to hear from you.

Spread the word

You can help us reduce food waste in Ventura County:

  • Encourage your favorite restaurant to donate through Waste-Free VC
  • Advocate for the Coalition among city and county government
  • Inform your church or civic group about Waste-Free VC
  • Join us at the Waste-Free VC meetings
  • Invite Waste-Free VC to speak at your next meeting
  • Like us on social media

Email and ask to be added to our mailing list.


The Waste-Free Ventura County Coalition is made up of different stakeholders, partners and affiliates.  From local government agencies to nonprofit partners to corporate, state and federal affiliates; their dedication and commitment to feeding the hungry and eliminating food waste is inspiring.