Home Food Waste Reduction

Home Food Waste Reduction

While Waste-Free VC helps save food from businesses, a significant amount of food is also wasted in homes. The average American throws away almost a pound of food per day. Here are some resources to help you reduce the amount of food you waste.

Find out what dates on food labels actually mean. Food is often discarded unnecessarily due to confusion over the dates on food labels.

Read some tips on meal planning and writing shopping lists. Reduce food waste and save money!

Peruse information on proper food storage. How you store your food can extend its life.

Learn about composting at home. Rather than throwing excess food into the trash it can be composted. Composting turns organic materials into nutrient dense soil which enriches our planet rather than polluting it.

Explore Ivaluefood.com and SaveTheFood.com for more valuable waste reduction information.