A Chef’s Manifesto

COVID-19 has certainly illuminated many deficiencies in our global food supply chain. With grocery store clerks suddenly shuffled to the forefront of the global response as reluctant frontline workers and chef’s who’ve stepped up to help cook meals for those workers, we’ve witnessed undeniable generosity in the face of one of humanities greatest challenges to … Read more

Summertime Food Waste Reduction Strategies

It is officially summertime!  It has been a rough few months for many of us.  With social distancing requirements still in place, the traditional summertime BBQ may look a little different this year.  Gardens are blooming and people are looking up ways to cook up all that zucchini.  Just because we are living in a … Read more

Solutions to Food Waste

It has become more prevalent in the news these days, especially as COVID-19 has impacted almost every aspect of our daily lives and that is an understanding of our dysfunctional food system.   For most of us consumers, we go about our daily routines and barely consider the externalized impacts of our choices, let alone the … Read more

Food Waste in America

Food Waste in America

Nearly half of the food we produce in the United States is wasted. As a long-time environmental educator for a local municipality in partnership with a school district, I am pretty familiar with trash and recycling. I have coordinated lots of school-aged students while they sorted and separated recyclable items and compostable food from the lunch waste. … Read more